Why I Made Bar Method My BAE (Before All Exercises)

Last year I started this blog by admitting that I am a quitter when it comes to working out and my plan was to sample all of the workouts around town until I found my one and only.  After trying every bar in town (and every studio) I made Bar Method my second home.  Want to know what made me finally “put a ring on it” and commit to one studio?  Here are just a few of the reasons I not only chose The Bar Method, but I also became an instructor.

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Our Beautiful Frisco Studio

*Atmosphere – All of The Bar Method studios are bright, white and spa-like.  The studio has padded carpet which is safer for your joints.  There are shiny white lockers along with comfy sitting areas.  For me, it is an oasis where I can escape the busy, chaotic world around me and spend an hour focusing on myself.


Putting my Insecurities Away 

*Safety – I love working out, but as I age my body limits me.  I have herniated discs in my back so my doctor advised me not to run or jump (no high impact in other words).  Bar Method is rooted out of physical therapy meaning actual PTs helped create each and every move that is taught.  Physical Therapists continue to work on staff too.  Safety comes first.  Instructors stay vigilant about watching for safety issues and telling you when you need to adjust to avoid hurting yourself.  My back has never felt better honestly.  My back doctor and chiropractor have even noticed a difference.  I don’t see them as much as I used to so that actually saves me money too.


Me adjusting Nicole in One Weight Lifts

*Personalization – Bar Method is truly a place where everybody knows your name. Unlike the gym where you shuffle in and fumble around for your membership card while the front desk employees try their best to ignore you, at The Bar Method you are greeted by name with friendly smiles.  Then the instructor also knows your name! This really sets The Bar Method apart from other places.  I feel like I belong, and I work harder in class because I realize my instructor will notice if I’m not giving my best effort.  


Reshoo adjusting me in Round-back

*Stretching – After each challenging set, your hard work is rewarded with a stretch.  This feels amazing throughout class, but it also creates long, lean muscles.  This is also a time where I can let myself destress, take deep breaths and just relax.  I have become so much more flexible too.  It took me a few months, but I can even do the splits now!  


Never thought I would get splits at my age!  

*Instructors – The training process is extensive!  It starts with a recorded audition then a 4-day intensive training. (I’m working on a separate post all about my training days!) I was lucky enough to train at headquarters in San Francisco which was so fun.  After training, there is still 5-6 months of post-training to be done before officially becoming certified. During that time, many hours are spent learning verbal and hands-on adjustments by practicing on real people and taking online quizzes.  The final test is a recording of myself teaching a full class that is sent off to my national trainer in California.  The morning I learned I was certified was like Christmas morning for a kid and graduation day all wrapped up in one day.  Needless to say, this kind of training is more than most fitness instructors receive, so I love knowing I will be in a high-quality class each and every time I take a Bar Method class.  


Instructor Training in San Francisco

*It Works – Saving the best reason for last, I chose Bar Method as my main workout because IT WORKS.  I have muscles popping out that I’ve never seen before.  I am never going to be a skinny girl just because I wasn’t made that way, but I am strong and have lean muscles that I am proud of.  I also FEEL GOOD!  My body isn’t in constant pain, mentally I am happier and more confident than ever before and I’ve found a sustainable workout that challenges me each time I’m in class.


Before/After – Left was my first day in Reshoo’s class and Right is last month.  


I'm sampling a new ways to lose weight.

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Kellye Wright

So proud of you! I’m happy for what you have accomplished and that you’re doing what you love! (And as your little sister that was an English major too but dropped out…love your writing skills boo 🙂 ) love you!


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