Meet Me at the Barre…It’s Going Down

One inch at a time.

As you read in my last post, I have to find workouts that are low impact.  Mother nature is an evil beast when it comes to aging and fighting her is a war even Daenerys Targaryan can’t defeat, dragons and all.  The good news is I can fight the battle with barre.

Plus, I’ve yet to meet a barre I didn’t like!

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Barre is a mix of ballet, yoga, dance, and pilates but it is so much more than that for me. Each and every barre class I’ve experienced is so empowering and I always come out feeling strong and at peace with my body.  If you have ever wondered what it’s like to take a barre class or which studio is right for you, look no further.  I’ve got you covered.

The Basic Differences

The Bar Method – This place is where I personally had the best results in toning my muscles and changing my body.  It is more of a dancer’s workout in my opinion and uses the ballet barre a lot.  The Bar Method uses a technique that was developed with physical therapists so it is perfect for everyone, but especially if you have bad knees or back problems.  It is a great workout with good music and the instructors are rigorously trained so they adjust your body to help you get the most from each class.  Expect to be sore after a class, but also to feel stronger each time you go!

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Ahhh, you will look forward to these straps at the end of class because they’re used to stretch.




Barre3 – B3 is the only one of the 4 that offers childcare.  In B3, you can wear sticky socks or go barefoot because the floor is cork instead of carpet like the others.  B3 is a bit more aerobic and doesn’t use the barre quite as much as the others.  Also, when joining B3 you get online access to workouts, recipes, and their inspirational newsletter.


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B3 is all about the community and offers several open house days.


Pure Barre – I’ve only tried Pure Barre twice, and my experiences were very different based on the instructors I had.  It moves REALLY fast.  I felt like it was barre on crack.  I think if I stuck with it for a month, it would reshape and tone my body just as The Bar Method did.  The atmosphere is really fun and I enjoyed the music.  They are also offering a basics class which I would have benefited from if I had done that first.

The Barre Code – This barre definitely has a party vibe, and I had a blast here.  The Barre Code offers dance classes called Barre-dio which includes barre exercises in between learning the dance moves.  They offer a wide variety of classes that fit into 3 categories: Cardio, Strength, and Restoration.  They have lots of fun theme days and celebrate milestones with mimosas as everyone should.


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Perfect wall for taking selfies!


Barre Classes at a Gym – Notice I am not too specific here and that’s because I haven’t tried any barre classes at a gym.  If you are a gym member, I am sure they are great classes to take and I would encourage you to try one.  I just don’t see how they could compare to studio classes because each of the Barre studios I mentioned put their instructors through months of training.  They are trained to adjust your body so that you get the most out of your workout.  I love boutique studios for that reason.  🙂

Each of these studios are really fun to follow on Instagram too!  They all post often and you can get an idea of what to expect by checking out their Instagram stories.

More on The Bar Method

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I am so excited that The Bar Method is opening in Frisco this year!  The studio isn’t open yet, so they are offering free classes for the next couple of months.  No strings attached! This is the time to get in if you want to give it a try.  The temporary location is a dance studio, so the class is very small.  You will get personalized attention from the instructor that you just can’t get anywhere else.  Plus, if you are looking to meet a few new women who also enjoy working out, this is a very friendly group.  Sign up to reserve your spot by going to

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