Accepting My Limitations and Finding New Adventures


I’ve hit a bit of a road block with this blog unfortunately and wanted to share with you all.  It’s not the end, but I have to change it up a little.  Before you read, please comment and help me think of adventurous activities I can do that won’t injure my back?  It has been hard for me to come up with a list so I would love suggestions.File_000 (196)

I live for adventure.  My philosophy is to live it up and enjoy life as much as possible while I can.  I workout and try to stay healthy so that I can feel good for as long as possible.  I’ve had a history of neck and back problems that the doctors call degenerative disk disease. Basically, my disks are shrinking and the bones press together or press on nerves sometimes and when they do it feels like an axe is chopping my body parts off.

This pain started when I was a little over 30 and I was in the best shape of my life.  I ran my first 5K and couldn’t walk the next day.  I went to a doctor who wanted to do immediate neck & back surgery.  He told me that was the only way I could feel better. Thankfully, I did not listen to him.

Some of the things I’ve done to relieve the pain include steroid injections under anaesthesia, chiropractic care, several types of pain pills and anti-inflammatories, yoga, cryotherapy,  physical therapy, decompression, tens unit, essential oils, pain creams, massages and lots and lots of whining (ask my husband!).  All of these things help until I decide to have a drink and do a cartwheel or two.

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Right Before the Cartwheel…Bad Idea!

The doctor I have now is amazing (Dr. Manning at Texas Sports Medicine), but he told me very frankly that if I want to be able to walk and move comfortably 20 years from now, I cannot do high impact activities.  Usually, I am extremely motivated when someone tells me I CAN’T do something.  This time, I have to accept that I have an ageing, decrepit spine, and I have to baby it.

At first, I could only think of things I won’t be able to do.  Wakeboarding, tubing, CrossFit, running, cartwheels, water slides, roller coasters, jumping.  I’ve cried quite a bit about it, but I know life could be so much worse.  The doctor told me not to think of what I can’t do, but just to do life differently.  He suggested swimming, cycling, and the elliptical.

This advice limits me from trying every workout out there, unfortunately.  I have a few other ideas I’m working on that have nothing to do with working out so I have been focusing on those a little more than this blog.  I don’t want to give up though so I will continue posting about different ways to lose weight.  I’m also on Instagram posting about all of my family’s craziness.  I still crave adventure, so as I asked in the beginning if you can think of any activities that won’t send me to the ER but will still get my adrenaline pumping, I would love to come up with a list of new things to try!