Cowboys Fit Review – Hoping to Hang With Dem Boys

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My husband joined Cowboys Fit before it even opened because, although he would never admit it, he hoped to meet some players and maybe workout with some Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders or at least watch them do yoga. Insert eyeroll!  He did get to do spin with red Jesus himself, Jason Garrett, so his secret wish came true.

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I utilized the free 4-day pass to go to a few classes and check out the facility.  It is Jerry Jones level luxurious.  Everything is sparkly and brand new.  When I walked in, I felt like I was checking into a fancy hotel.  There were workers everywhere cleaning up and refilling the sweat towels.  On the first floor, there is a smoothie bar and separate room for recovery that can be used for an additional fee.  There’s also a huge studio for classes, a cycle room that looks out over the entrance to The Star, and a childcare room (I’ll get to that later).

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The 2nd floor is made up of 35,000 sq. feet of equipment and an area for cardio.  It is probably the size of Jerry Jones’s living room and has just as many flat screen TVs as what I imagine he has too.  In between workouts, you can chill on the blue and silver leather couches and chairs found throughout the floor and look out over the Cowboys practice field.

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On the 3rd floor, there’s a rooftop pool.  It could easily be mistaken for a resort pool.  I am still unsure about how this pool will be used.  Is it a place to hang out and have drinks or will it be for swimming laps?  No one I’ve asked has a definitive answer yet, but either way, it is Ah-Maz-Ing.

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Let’s talk about the bathrooms!  All of the small studios I go to have pretty nice bathrooms, but these are like going to the Ritz.  Sleek white lockers line the walls, Jack Black products are supplied in the showers and sinks,  and a sauna room is included.  It’s fabulous!

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I took a spin class with my husband and it was 1 hour of relentless hustle.  I really enjoyed open air concept (doors can be shut too) and the instructor was friendly and energetic.  It wasn’t dark like most spin classes I’ve taken.  As of now, you do not have to reserve a seat but they do have an online system where that will be available in the future.  I also took a floor pilates class and it was fun.

Should you join?

In my opinion, if you do not need childcare, Cowboys Fit is an excellent gym.  There are tons of classes to take and plenty of equipment to go around.  From what I’ve heard about childcare, there is an extra fee and the room doesn’t offer much for kids. All ages go to one room, so the babies, toddlers, and 10-year-olds are all together.  Childcare hours are also very limited and kids aren’t allowed at the pool.  I’m sure after enough complaints from moms this will change, but for now, there isn’t an easy way to comment or critique.

Prices aren’t too crazy high!  Look for enrollment deals before joining because they do offer them often.  An individual is $88, Couples were $128 when I checked, and Families are around $160.

Get a Guest Pass Here –

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