Orange Theory Review

Orange Theory

Ya’ll, they got me!  This is the first place that actually broke my free sampling system down and CHARGED ME!  They are now enemy #1.  Haha!  I kept thinking of South Park and Cartman saying “You charged Kaci, YOU BASTARDS!”

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It was my mistake really.  Orange Theory opened a new studio in Plano, and I signed up for the 2-week free trial.  I was sent a lot of paperwork via email, and I didn’t read it all. Who does?  On the phone, I said I only wanted to do the free trial to see what I thought, and they said that’s fine but we need your credit card number to secure your spot and since they allow you to borrow a heart rate monitor they have to protect themselves from people leaving with it.  Understandable.  However, after the 2 free weeks were up, they charged my card $90 for 8 classes.  When I asked if I could transfer it to my husband who enjoyed the workout, they said no.  I asked if I could use it at an OT closer to my house.  Nope!  So I eventually gave up and took the loss.  🙁  I guess it was bound to happen.

I also have to add that Orange Theory was definitely not my jam.  Treadmills, Rowers, and lots of competition just isn’t my idea of a good time.  It may be yours though and tons of people love it, so here is what to expect if you want to give it a try.  

First, in order to get a free trial class, you have to give them your credit card number. You will call to set it up and they take your information because they are letting you borrow a heart rate monitor during the class and they don’t want you to accidentally walk away with it.  When you arrive, the facility is pretty fancy.  There are glass doors that lead into the workout area which is dimly lit with orange lights.  Showers and changing rooms, as well as lockers, are available.  

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I tried the Orange Theory in North Plano on Preston with my husband. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere gave me the feeling I was entering a club with the dark room, orange tinted lights, and thumping dance music.  We started by fastening on our heart monitors.  There are 2 options here I later realized: wristband or chest band.  I should have chosen the wristband because the chest band was uncomfortable under my bra and once I started sweating, it stopped working.  It has to be on tight to work so I guess that’s why mine quit working.  My husband’s chest band worked perfectly, so maybe it was just my boobs.  🙂  Your stats are posted on a screen for everyone to see so it is motivating if you like competition or if you want to see exactly how hard you are pushing yourself.

During the class, the instructor guides you through each exercise.  You will have a treadmill session, rower session, and weight session.  The actual order and exercises you do change each day so members do not plateau or get bored.  The manager told me some days you stay on the treadmill for up to 30 minutes and that’s when I said, “Uh, nope! Not for me.”  It is a great way to build endurance and strength though.  I know that people who sign up do make huge progress.  

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Bring water and a towel!  If you are cheap like me, you will not appreciate having to pay $5 for a towel when you are dripping sweat.  🙁  Yes, you heard me right.  $5 freaking dollars for a sweat towel.  Can you tell I’m bitter?  The membership is pretty expensive too.  There are several options, but if you buy the unlimited class option you will pay $150 or more.  They do have an app so you can sign up for classes online easily.  

Overall, I think Orange Theory is a friendly place where you could get incredible results, but it just wasn’t for me personally.  My husband killed the workout so he loved it.  I will stick to my barre classes for now though.


-Atmosphere is fancy & fun

-Employees are friendly and motivating

-Builds strength and endurance

-Workouts change each day

-Smaller classes so you can bond with other members

-Heart rate monitor motivates you to push yourself harder

-Great for men and women


-Cost!  Everything is extra and membership is expensive.  I’m still bitter about my $5 towel.

-Lots of time on the treadmill (some like it, but I hate the treadmill)

-Memberships don’t work at all Orange Theories

-Stats are posted on screen which can be intimidating

-No childcare