Staying Cool for the Summer

To be honest, friends, I tend to slack off on my workouts in the summer.  Why?  Because Texas is so freaking hot!!!  I just want to lay on a pineapple shaped tube and float the days away.  I’m building my winter body in the summer.  Ha!

I’ve lived here my entire life, so even though I don’t love walking out of the house and sweating my makeup right off, I’ve learned to deal with it.  For those of you who are new to Texas, and for those that are just tired of sweating 24/7, here are a few tips for summer survival.

Keep body sprays & wet-wipes in the fridge – In the hottest part of summer, just walking out to get the mail makes me sweat.  I keep my favorite body spray in my fridge and spray it on whenever I walk into the house.  If you don’t love a strong scent, you can buy a spray bottle and put water mixed with essential oils such as eucalyptus or lavender.  File_000 (158).jpeg

Cool Towel  These are a life saver in Texas especially if you have to be outside for an extended period of time…work, sports, yard work, etc…  You can buy them at any sporting goods store and they magically stay cold when wet.  I bought the Frogg Togg brand and it has lasted 3 years and still works.File_000 (165)

Ceviche File_000 (161).jpegIf you’ve never tried ceviche, the time is now!  It’s a South American seafood dish that is usually on the appetizer menu.  It is my favorite thing EVER!  You can order it at several Mexican restaurants, but Mi Cocina has the best in my opinion.  My recipe is similar to theirs.

Recipe:  4 roma tomotoes   1 lb shrimp   1/4 c purple onion   1 jalapeno (remove seeds)   2 limes   1 avocado   1 mango   1 tbsp sugar (or sugar alternative)   a handful of cilantro   – Wash all of the veggies and shrimp.  Dice them up and squeeze limes into mixture.  Optional – Add a shot of Tequila.  Keep in refrigerator for at least an hour to let all of the flavors marry together.  Serve with tortilla chips.  Delicious!

Deodorant Wipes File_000 (164).jpeg I carry these with me where ever I go in the summer in case I need to take a mini shower in the car.  These are especially helpful if you have preteens who think it’s acceptable to forget deodorant then play outside and come in for a sweaty hug (I may have personal experience with this).

Cold, Wet Towels Soaked in Essential Oils – I got this idea from Camp Gladiator last summer.  Fill up your sink with water and add some eucalyptus essential oil or lavender works too.  Soak rags or sweat towels in the water.  Ring them out and put in an ice chest that you can keep in your refrigerator.  These towels come in handy after walking the dog, mowing, working out outside, or take them to your kids’ outdoor games such as baseball.

A Few More Pro Tips:

  • Don’t try to wear jeans during the day.
  • Only run your dryer at night to save electricity and keep the house from heating up during the day.
  • Sunscreen all day, every day especially on your face!
  • Buy a pitcher with a diffuser in it.  You can flavor your water or your ice tea.
  • Sweat proof make-up if you’re going to attempt to wear make-up.  I’ve been using Lipsense for my lipstick and it is magical!

Any other tips you can share with me?  Add in comments!  I would love to try them and share with my fellow sweaty friends.