Jumping Instead of Pumping Iron

As a kid, I spent thousands of hours on the trampoline and I was skinnyish then, so I figured an adult trampoline workout class would be a winning combination of sweat and childhood nostalgia.  My biggest fear as a woman who’s had 2 kids is that I would pee my pants.  Hey, it happens!  

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Before showing up, I had to sign in online.  I actually like this so I am guaranteed a spot in the class.  Go to www.UrbanAir.com and click on special events. Classes are $10 each or you can join for $49.99 per month.  The times offered are pretty limited, but if you have a child they can jump for free while you work out which is a bonus.  If you have more than one child, the first is free and after that, it’s $5 per child.  

I wore yoga pants, a t-shirt, and flip-flops because you have to jump bare-footed. Pedicured feet are probably a good idea if you are self-conscious.  They also sell sticky bottomed socks, but I didn’t see anyone wearing them.

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The class is an hour long and you do not jump the entire time.  Warm-ups include jumping in your own square section of a trampoline. Most women do have to run off and go potty during this time.  It is perfectly normal.  Veteran jumper mamas tell me they wear panty liners just in case they don’t make it.  

The hour is mostly just like an aerobics class but on the trampoline.  Each day is different and the instructors have different backgrounds, so some are more like boot camp and others are more relaxed like Yoga.  We did run across the trampoline floor a few times.  The most difficult thing I did was jump into the foam pit and “swim” out of it.  I had to have someone pull me up because my upper body strength wasn’t ready for that.  We also used some equipment including bands and battle ropes.  File_000 (156)

The trampoline workout was worth checking out and reminded me of my childhood.  I don’t know that I would buy a membership, but it’s a fun place to drop in for some cardio and change up your routine.  It’s a perfect spot to gather your playdate friends and take the kids while the mamas get moving.  You can also use Classpass and hopefully StudioHop soon to take classes.  


-Unique & so much fun

-Kids have fun too

-Feel like a kid again

-Whole body workout

-Indoors which means air-conditioned

-Price is reasonable

-Burns lots of calories

-First kid is free, 2nd and more there is a fee to jump

-Jumping on a trampoline is great for your lymphatic system and helps it detox!


-Website is hard to navigate

-Limited class times offered

-May need to wear some panty protection if you’re a mommy

-Smells like feet inside

-May feel a bit ridiculous at first but it’s so much fun!