Yoga’n Make Me Chill

Why try yoga?

Because it’s a lot easier and cheaper than going insane.

I decided to try yoga because a few years ago I had a friend who taught it and she is a portrait of peacefulness despite having 4 kids under 8 and leading my daughter’s spirited Girl Scout troop.  I thought, if yoga keeps a smile on her face, maybe it will work for me. Plus, who doesn’t love yoga pants?  I already wear mine every day, so I might as well let them live their purpose in life.

Know before you go:

*No shoes so you may want to glance down at your feet and spruce them up a little before attending.  Also, you can wear flip-flops and kick them off before class.

*Wear clothes that hug your body because if you have a flowy shirt on it will fly up over your head every time you bend down and you bend down a lot.

*Start with a beginner’s class.  The poses all have names and the instructor will explain each pose in a beginner’s class.

*Bring your own mat if you are a germ-a-phob.  Most places will let you borrow a mat for free, but not all guests are as concerned about cleaning up their sweat as you may be.

*Go in with an open mind.  Some of the wording can feel cheesy at first but just accept that it is different.  Once I just let go and went with it, I felt much more relaxed and open to honoring my body.

*The best thing about yoga is it is a time to relax your mind, so devices are left outside of the room and turned off.

*Savasana at the end of class is pure bliss.  You will get to lie still in the dark and enjoy a few minutes of well-deserved stillness.

Yoga on Main

File_000 (140).jpegWalking in, I immediately felt a sense of calm.  The studio is dark with soft music playing and the smell of lavender flowing through the air. Class begins with a soft bong on the gong and everyone falls silent.  The instructor begins by guiding us to take deep breaths by filling your belly with air and releasing through your mouth.

Throughout the class, we attempt different yoga poses and the instructions are detailed so I can easily follow along.  We’re constantly reminded to breathe which actually helps with flexibility.  There were only a few times when I felt like the pose was too difficult for me.  We had to balance on one foot while the other was propped up on our thigh which was challenging.  The instructor said the key to maintaining balance is staring at an object in front of you that isn’t moving. For example, my wobbly body would not be ideal to stare at while trying to balance.

The next day my muscles were a bit sore from holding poses, but I also felt less stressed.  If I keep going, my balance and flexibility would improve.  I don’t think I would lose inches, but maybe I would be so relaxed I wouldn’t care.  It’s a perfect workout for increased mental stability (in other words: helps hide yo crazy).

*Try Yoga On Main if you are a beginner or if you’re looking for traditional yoga.

The Sacred Space

File_000 (134)

This is a cute little house in old downtown Frisco that has been converted into a yoga studio.  They offer several different types of yoga, but the day I went I tried Holy Yoga.  Yes, holy, as in Bible verses and prayers were included.  I didn’t even know holy yoga existed before this class.  The instructor read The Bible to begin class while we were stretching.  Then she gave us all stones that had a cross on one side and a heart on the other.  If the stone is cross side up that would mean I didn’t want to be touched so I could have time with Jesus.  The heart side up meant I was allowing the instructor to come by and readjust me as needed.

The yoga was great and more about stretching and breathing.  Occasionally during the class, more Bible verses were read.  Worship songs were played at a soothing level throughout class.  At the end of class, we prayed silently and then the instructor prayed aloud.  Afterward, I felt that I had completed a workout as well as gone to church.  It was kind of nice to have it all rolled into one.

*Try Sacred Space if you are looking for a nontraditional yoga class. – First visit $10

Hot Body Yoga

file_000-99The week after I tried holy yoga, I tried a sculpting hot yoga class where hip hop music was played the entire time.  To be honest, this was a lot more fun for me because the music was what I like and the beats motivate me to work harder.  It isn’t exactly relaxing like traditional yoga where I want to nap at the end, but it did help me to let go of stress.

Hot Body Yoga offers several different levels of classes and with the sculpting class I took, I definitely burned some serious calories.  I have never sweat so much in my life, and I have lived through more than 30 Texas summers.  You WILL need a towel and water for this class.  The atmosphere is pure fun and I felt cool just walking through the doors. I wanted to buy every shirt they had too.

*Try Hot Body Yoga if you want a fun workout that makes you sweat! – First week is free!

Frisco Yoga & Nutrition

Yoga at FYN is intense and really fun.  I went to a fat burn yoga class, and the instructor made me feel right at home.  She was very friendly and talked throughout the class.  Fat burn yoga was more of a mix of weight lifting and yoga, and I was pretty sore the next day.  It was also hot yoga, so expect to sweat.  I like that FYN has several classes to choose from and since some incorporate weights, men attend class here too.  FYN also offers a separate nutrition program with a free consultation.

*Try FYN if you want to try yoga with your man or to sculpt and tone. – First class is free, First 10 days only $10

Strive Studio Mommy & Me Yoga

Strive is the only place I have found near Frisco that offers a regular mommy & me yoga class.  There are others that offer a kids only, but I wanted to experience yoga with my daughter.  In today’s fast-paced world, so many kids are full of anxiety and my daughter is one of them.  I wanted her to try yoga to relax her mind and have strategies to use when she is feeling anxious such as breathing exercises or child’s pose (her favorite after savasana).  Yoga for kids also helps them with any sport they participate in because they become more flexible.  Increased flexibility means fewer injuries (and less doctor bills for you).  Strive Studios has so much to offer and the owner and instructors were extremely friendly so you will feel very comfortable here whether you leave your child for class or take it with them.

*Try Strive Studios if you want to experience yoga with your kids. – First class is free!

Aerial Yoga

File_000 (118)

Altitude Aerial Fitness Studio is truly one of a kind for North Dallas.  They offer aerial yoga, sling & hammock classes, kids circus class, Lyra hoop, and pole fitness.  It is a cute little studio located in old downtown Frisco on Main Street right behind Frisco Music.  It’s a bit hard to find, so look for Yoga on Main and turn into their parking lot in the back for access.

I plan to try all of their classes, but I started out with aerial yoga.  Let me tell you, it felt so wonderful on my body especially my back.  Each person has their own fabric with a yoga mat underneath.  We started out slowly stretching and learning all about safety.  Having a fabric sling to hang in while stretching was like nothing I’ve ever experienced as an adult.  I was a bit scared of falling, but Tricia, our instructor, came around to spot us and make us feel more comfortable.  She let us get used to the fabric before showing us how to turn up-side-down.  When we did get a chance to hang like bats, my spine decompressed.  It was amazing.  Tricia said that you can actually gain some height by doing this and at 5 ft 4  I will take all I can get.

At the end of this yoga class, savasana includes hanging in the sling cocoon style.  We laid in the sling as if it were a hammock and covered our feet and heads so that we were completely encompassed by the fabric.  It was so relaxing.

*Try Altitude Aerial Arts if you want to experience something unique and get out of your comfort zone. – Use StudioHop membership to visit or pay $49 for 4 classes.