Altitude Aerial Fitness Review

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If you have ever sat mesmerized by the elegant, contorted bodies flying in the air at a Cirque du Soleil performance, you can appreciate the athleticism that must go into each and every magical motion.  I never imagined I would get to be one of those floating bodies, but the Sampling Skinny life is taking me to new places all of the time!  Altitude Aerial Fitness is right here in Frisco, so you too can get your freak on.  Your circus freak that is!

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Altitude Aerial Fitness Studio is truly one of a kind for North Dallas.  They offer aerial yoga, sling & hammock classes, kids circus class, lyra hoop, and pole fitness.  It is a cute little studio located in old downtown Frisco on Main Street right behind Frisco Music.  It’s a bit hard to find, so look for Yoga on Main and turn into their parking lot in the back for access.

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I plan to try all of their classes, but I started out with aerial yoga.  Let me tell you, it felt so wonderful on my body especially my back.  Each person has their own fabric with a yoga mat underneath.  We started out slowly stretching and learning all about safety.  Having a fabric sling to hang in while stretching was like nothing I’ve ever experienced as an adult.  I was a bit scared of falling, but Tricia, our instructor, came around to spot us and make us feel more comfortable.  She let us get used to the fabric before showing us how to turn up-side-down.  When we did get a chance to hang like bats, my spine decompressed.  It was amazing.  Tricia said that you can actually gain some height by doing this and at 5 ft 4  I will take all I can get.

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At the end of this yoga class, savasana includes hanging in the sling cocoon style.  We laid in the sling as if it were a hammock and covered our feet and heads so that we were completely encompassed by the fabric.  It was so relaxing.   

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After class, I had a chance to chat with the owner & my instructor, Tricia, as well as some other girls who regularly take the class.  I felt so comfortable with all of the ladies.  At a place where pole dancing is also offered, some may feel intimidated to take the classes thinking everyone there will have perfect little bodies, but there was a very diverse group of shapes and everyone was very warm and welcoming.  It’s not a bunch of strippers with their tops off; it was a fun group of athletic, graceful women who are there to workout.  I can’t wait to go back!

Know Before You Go

  • If you have a StudioHop membership, this studio is included. Yay!
  • Create an online profile to sign up for a class.
  • There are several class options and times including nights and weekends.
  • No childcare, but there is kids circus class for ages 5-12 and you can try for half price ($12)
  • The equipment is changed out for each of the classes, so while kids take class the poles would be on the wall like in my picture.
  • The space is small so class size is limited.  If you go to sign up and class is full, get on the wait list.  You still have a good chance of getting in.
  • They do offer private parties.  How fun would this place be for a Bachelorette Party? More Info Here –
  • Wear clothes that you would wear to yoga unless you go to a pole class.  Then you need shorts because the pants are too slippery on the pole. No Shoes required!
  • Your body will thank you for trying this class.  It decompresses your spine in a way that you can’t normally do because of gravity.
  • Come with an open mind and get ready to feel great about your body!   – Code efe3B9 for 15% off 1st month