Surfing with No Sea at City Surf

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City Surf Review

When my daughter was 7, she was obsessed with the movie Soul Surfer.  I even caught her gazing in the mirror with one arm tucked into her sleeve pretending to be Bethany Hamilton (the surfer who had her arm bitten off by a shark).  She was heartbroken when I crushed her dreams of becoming a pro surfer by telling her there was no way to learn how to surf in our city.  Well, Frisco is a magical land where no kid’s dreams are allowed to be crushed, so I was wrong about needing an ocean to surf.  At City Surf in Plano, once you are 13, you can learn to surf, workout on a surfboard, and even try yoga on a board.  The dream is alive in our landlocked city.  

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The closest City Surf to me is located in The Shops at Legacy in Plano.  The studio includes 10 surfboards that are balanced on top of balls and bungee cords.  There are 7 classes to choose from including City Surf, Buddha Board, Circuits, Barre, Core, Toning, and Bootcamp.  The first class is free too!  It is easiest to call them and sign up to make sure the class isn’t full.  

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I used my StudioHop pass to attend a class on a Sunday morning with my husband.  The instructor was an actual surfer from California, and she was very welcoming and friendly. We chose the City Surf class because it is their signature class, and we wanted to get a feel for surfing before taking our skills to the beach one day.  Our instructor patiently explained how the boards work and basic terms we needed to know before getting started. I tried to wear the sticky socks I wear in Barre & Yoga, but I had to remove them because it was easier to balance bare-footed.  Balancing on the board was no joke!  It intensified the workout to the extreme.  My husband works out quite a bit, but this was one of the toughest workouts for him because he’s not used to balancing.  At the end, his surfboard looked like it had been dipped in the water.  

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Even though balancing was tough, I am so glad we tried this class.  I felt adventurous afterward and ready to take on the challenge of learning to surf in the actual ocean one day.  I feel like I would learn faster on the beach after taking this class a few times.  Except for the fact that there are sharks.  Maybe I will just stick with City Surf and avoid losing a limb.   #nobaddays

Things to know:

-No shoes, no problem

-7 classes to choose from

-No swimsuit required – Hooray!!!

-Excellent full body workout & especially great for core work

-No childcare provided

-Several options for joining including using a StudioHop pass

-Bring water, but towels are provided

-Sign up online

-If you plan to learn how to surf one day, the City Surf class is helpful