Get Moving with Your Kids in Frisco

When my 13-year old son came to me and said, “Mom, I’m fat.  I need to lose weight”,  it was heartbreaking.  First of all, he is not fat but he doesn’t want to hear that from his mother.  I told him he looks great and is the most handsome boy in all of Frisco which he REALLY didn’t want to hear from me.  I did agree with him that he could slow down on sugar and start moving more.  He hates running as much as I do, so I had to find some creative ways to get him to workout without thinking too much about it.  So just in time for Spring Break, here is a list of some fun activities your kids can do to get off of their devices and get moving.  

Bike Pump Track

Northwest Community Park – There isn’t an actual address because it is on a dirt road.  To find it, go north on Teel and pass Stafford Middle School on your left.  Keep going north until you see a dirt road with a sign that says Gloryview.  There is also an adult mountain bike track that is pretty tough.  If you don’t want to bike, there is a hiking trail.  Several options for excitement!

Canyons Rock Climbing

File_000 (86).jpeg

For about $20 per child, kids can climb all day long!  They are also offering morning camps for Spring Break.  My daughter went for a birthday party and loved it so much she wants to join the weekly climbing class.  In Frisco, it seems every competitive sport in the world is offered to kids, so of course, they also have a rock climbing team.  Crazy, huh?

7164 Technology Dr. Suite 202
Frisco, Texas-75033

Ruff Range Dog Park


If you have a dog, this is the perfect spot to get your kids and fur babies off of the couch for free. My dog usually only lasts about 30 minutes here and then we take her to Starbucks for a free Puppicino.  My kids have always loved this dog park because of the climbable trees that are a rare find in Frisco.  They also enjoy running across the fields so the dogs will chase them.  There are 2 off-leash sections, one for dogs over 35 lbs. and one for smaller dogs.

5335 4th Army Memorial Dr.


Urban Air


For only $10, you can go to a trampoline fitness class while your child jumps for free.  The first child is free and 2nd & on are only $5 each.  This is a great way to get your workout in while your kids have fun jumping and playing dodgeball.  The class times are very limited though.  I’ve been to this fitness class and it was nostalgic.  Definitely worth a try!  If you just want to watch your kids jump, the price varies by age and time your child jumps.  Most kids don’t stay more than an hour before they are ready to go.

10570 John W. Elliot Dr. Suite #900  Frisco, TX  75033

Roller Skating


Skating is one of the cheapest excursions I have taken my kids on during Spring Break. Check their website before you go for coupons.  It is usually about $4 per person with coupons, and they have really cheap concessions too.  We can all go have a great time for under $20.  If you haven’t been since you were a kid, they now have training “walkers” that help newbies.  They still play the same games and sometimes even the same music.

1408 Business 121, Lewisville

Ninja Warrior


How cool is this place?  After watching episodes of American Ninja Warrior, you and your kids can go test your ninja skills.  There are a few nearby, but the one in McKinney, Obstacle Warrior Kids, offers something for all ages over 2.  Some places only allow kids under 12 to play.  The price is based on how long you stay, 1 or 2 hours.  This is guaranteed to wear your children out and may even lead to an extra long nap afterward.

448 N. Custer Rd
Suite A
McKinney, Texas 75071

I Love Kickboxing


I have linked my review of ILKB below.  Last time I was there, they said you only have to be 13 to join!  This is a perfect mother-daughter or father-son workout or any combination of those 2.  The whole family could go together and check it out if you have teens.  They still have a deal where for only $10 you get free gloves and 3 classes!  Nice!  You will have to give them a call to sign up for classes.

My Review:

8845 Gary Burns Dr.   Frisco, TX  75034


I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on these activities or let me know if I missed anything that you’ve tried.  I wish I had more pictures of my sonon this post, but he is camera shy these days.  Teenagers, ugh!  🙂