Mama Can Knock You Out: ILoveKickboxing Review

Back in the early 2000s, I was a Tae Bo expert.  Billy Blanks & I were tight.  Like as tight as the outfits he used to wear.  Walking into kickboxing, I assumed I knew what I was doing after my Tae Bo experience.  WRONG!  Turns out punching and kicking the living room air was SO not the same as having a real heavy bag in front of you.


Where can I find this outfit? 😉

I Love Kickboxing is a brand new facility in East Frisco on Preston.  They have great deals right now because they just opened.  You get free gloves and can take 3 classes for only $10.  Once you’re in, they also offer monthly specials and they don’t use high-pressure sales tactics.  


Best Partner Ever

The class was structured differently than anything I have ever experienced.  First, you take your shoes off in the locker room and set your gloves on top of a heavy bag.  Then what they refer to as the “warm-up” begins.  It is a grueling 20 minutes of running, high knees, burpees, and other classics that we all hate.

After the Rocky Balboa level warm-up, we spent time stretching.  Stretching is in my wheelhouse, so I loved this part of the hour.  I also grabbed a free water from their fridge during this time by using their posted hashtags on social media.  Each month they have a charity driven hashtag, so I used #guidingeyes and it helped money go towards feeding service dogs for the blind.  Win-Win!


Finally, we began the fun part of class.  We put on our gloves and shared a bag with our partner.  I went with my friend Cindy, but if you don’t have a partner they will pair you up with someone.  The instructor showed us how to jab and cross.  It took a lot more coordination than I expected.  The bell rang and my partner and I took turns punching until the buzzer went off.  The instructor came around to check our form and give us some pointers.  Once I had the form down, I could really feel my abs working.  It took some time, but I started to see how boxers get that chiseled body we all drool over.

The instructor continued teaching us different combinations of kicks and punches.  I felt strong when using my right side to kick.  When I went to kick with my left foot, I remembered my high school volleyball coach’s favorite motivational line, “My granny can kick better than that and she doesn’t have legs.”  I would have to go back several times to get better than granny.  

When I thought class was over, we still had partner work.  We stood across from each other and punched each other’s gloves.  Then we did sit-ups and gave each other high-fives at the top.  People were dropping all around us, but we stuck to it.  

I Love Kickboxing was a strenuous workout, but learning to box properly was really fun.  I love to challenge my body and see what it can do and this was definitely a challenge!


Killed it!



  • Challenge your body to learn something new
  • High energy instructors
  • Burn hundreds of calories
  • Hashtags for free water
  • Facility is clean and includes lockers
  • Free gloves if you sign up now
  • Learn to punch and kick for self-defense
  • Healthy anger management
  • Men & Women  – great couples workout
  • Class camaraderie makes you want to go back


  • Class times offered are limited.  They did say classes will be added in about a month.
  • What they call a warm-up is what most would call boot camp
  • No childcare
  • Sweaty hands – I recommend buying hand wraps for under your gloves.

Sign up for their special deal of 3 classes & free gloves for $10 with promo code PRESIDENT at

Check their FB page for other offers.

They are also on Groupon right now!  Plenty of ways to save. 🙂