I’ve heard the word pilates many times on Real Housewives and celebrity interviews with the most gorgeous of women, but I never really knew what it was until I went to AllPilates Studio in Frisco.  I’m from Grand Prairie where (in my redneck old man voice), “We ain’t had no damn pilates.  This ain’t Beverly Hills, you want to lose weight you go run from the police.”  Needless to say, I had no idea what to expect.


I had to do a double take when I walked in because it looks like a room straight out of Christian Grey’s house.  In a way, it IS a room of pain!  I soon learned that the machine that tortures you is called a cadi former.  It’s a combination of two machines: the reformer and the Cadillac (trapeze table).  This is where you stay most of the class.  There are springs attached that are switched out to add or subtract weight.  There’s also straps for your hands and feet that you use at different times.


This is a Cadi Former, not a torture device.

My instructor, Christine, was very patient and kind while I clumsily tried to figure all of this out.  She admitted that lots of people cuss her out under their breath during the entire workout, so it is normal to hate her at first.  There is NO safe word with this woman; she will continue to torture you for an entire hour.  In the end, you will love her for it.  Plus, I know if I ever want to have a body like hers, I will have to endure some misery.


Keep hurting me, Christine 🙂

Pilates is meant to improve posture, strength, muscle tone, and flexibility.  There are classes for all levels and men can benefit from it too.  When the class began, we started right away without a warm-up so you may want to stretch a little while waiting for class to start.  We worked large muscle groups separately beginning with legs, then arms and abs. Each set equally hurt, but legs were the easiest for me personally.  I can definitely see how women who do pilates regularly have such beautiful long, lean muscles.  Also, I wasn’t a sweaty mess when it was over so it’s an exercise you can do and still go on with your day without having to completely get ready again.  


Feeling Fancy

If you are like I was and feel nervous about trying pilates but want to tone your muscles, definitely try AllPilates Studio.  There are other places to try it out if you aren’t near Frisco, but look for a smaller studio to save money instead of going with a franchise.  Pilates is also a workout that can be combined with other cardio workouts such as kickboxing or spin.   It’s a great way to balance your workout and meet your fitness goals as well as live out your fantasies of being a Hollywood starlett.


Obviously not me, but maybe someday

Would you ever try pilates?  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.



– Try for free

-Classes are small so you get plenty of attention

-Build long, lean muscles

-Great for all levels of fitness

-Low impact, you stay on your back a lot

-You won’t be dripping in sweat at the end

-Lots of class times offered

-Class goes by fast in my opinion

-AllPilates Studio is nice with changing rooms and cute apparel for sale

-No high-pressure sales


-No child care

-Price isn’t cheap, but cheaper than franchise places and you can check for Groupons.

Check them out at www.allpilatesstudio.com




I'm sampling a new ways to lose weight.



You totally make me want to try this. Which class did you attend? The intro, cardio, strength or lean?


I went to the intro class for beginners, but I would love to try the strength class. I would def start with the intro. It is so different from anything I’ve tried. 🙂

Kristin Sharpe

I do yoga, but still have that wanting for Pilates. Seeing the bodies of dances who do Pilatesskese want to take the class even more.
How sore were you the day after?
Plus, would you do it agian?
Hope you have s blessed day


My abs were the most sore the next day. They aren’t used to working that hard. 🙂 Let me know if you try it and what you think.


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