I Love Working Out, but I Drink a Little: Cyclebar

It’s true.  I love working out, but I drink a little.  Or a lot depending on who’s asking.  So when Cyclebar offered free drinks after a ride, I was quick to sign up.


A little history: My husband, Jacob, loves spin class at the YMCA, and he has slimmed down quite a bit by cycling for the past couple of years.  He lost at least 30 pounds by going to spin class and lifting weights.  I have always been reluctant to go with him because he’s so good at it, and I was afraid I would embarrass myself.  Lately, he has been wanting a little more from his spin class.  He has a strange hatred for Pitbull songs which a certain instructor always plays (he’s even written a complaint card about it 😉 I suggested we try Cyclebar because of the free beer & wine, and he ended up loving it so much he bought the $99 1-month unlimited package.


Wishing We Could Turn this Water to Wine


Before I Moved to the Back Row

Cycle Bar is a 50-minute stationary bike class with an atmosphere that emulates da club.  Drake music was blaring and the lights were down low when we walked in.  The instructor was prepping for class in what looks like a DJ booth and the bikes all face a wall of mirrors.  When we signed up online ahead of time, we chose a name we wanted to appear on the screen and chose our bikes (similar to picking a seat at the movies online).  Luckily I did not let my husband enter my screen name or “Fancy Face” would have been on display for all to see.  He chose to sit in the front row because he claims he thought fans would be there to blow on him, but I think it was to show off.  I stayed hidden in the back.


CycleBar has spin shoes for you to borrow when you come in.  These shoes have fasteners on the bottom that hook onto the pedals.  I’ve heard that you actually burn more calories when you wear the shoes which makes sense because you are kind of locked onto the bike so your feet need to keep moving.  After class, these shoes are dropped into a laundry bin so they sanitize them after each class.  If you have your own spin shoes, they will work too.


Everything You See is Free!

After fastening on the shoes, you can grab a banana or a FREE water bottle and fill it up. Cyclebar also has a towel waiting for you on the bike.  They are seriously the most generous studio I’ve been to with all the freebies.  I feel so VIP there!  

When you get to your bike, an instructor will help you set up.  The seat should be adjusted so that it lines up with your hip when you are standing.  If the seat is too high, be prepared to get goosed* by it when you go up and down.

The class is a 50-minute long party, but I’m not going to lie, it does hurt.  I hide the timer on my bike because when my legs are in pain and I look down to see that I’ve only pedaled for 3 minutes, I feel like a loser.  The room is dark so if you need to slow down or fake a turn on your dial (right means more resistance), it is easy to do.  During the class, the instructor will occasionally put your rank on the screen if you have chosen to enter your name.  I was excited to see I wasn’t in last place, but I soon realized that the person I was beating had already walked out!  I figured at least I was ahead of people who aren’t in the class.  🙂 Plus, I was having fun and singing along to the music, so I didn’t care about my class rank.


Ain’t No Party Like a Cyclebar Party

If you want to burn some major calories while feeling like you are 21 again at the club, this is the place to try!  Have a guilt-free drink this Friday night at their Happy Hour!  You can try for FREE the first time or buy a Groupon for $39/4 classes.


-First class is free

-Atmosphere is so fun you will want to move your body

-Cyclebar provides everything you need to ride

-Instructors are full of energy and friendly!

-You’re in the dark so if you need to stop or slow down, no one will notice.

-You have the option to put your name on the screen.  Great if you are motivated by some competition!

-Studio is new & clean and bikes are in good repair

-Lots of options to buy class packages but no pressure from instructors

-Emails after class come to you with your stats: calories burned, miles, rank in class, etc..

-Free Drinks (only after certain classes)

-Sign up & pick your bike ahead of time online


-If you haven’t ridden before, your booty will hurt after the first few rides.

-No childcare

-Location – it is hard to see from the street.  It’s in the same shopping center as Mi Cocina on Spring Creek in Plano