Burn Boot Camp

This week in Frisco, Hurts Donuts will open, and I will probably consume 10,000 calories for breakfast.  Luckily, it is in the same strip as Burn Boot Camp.  Close enough to walk and burn off a sprinkle.  If I take advantage of Burn’s 14-day free trial, I could probably burn off the whole dozen.









I actually tried Burn when they opened in September.  Walking into Burn Boot Camp for the first time was a bit intimidating because I could see the 8:30 AM class finishing their workout, and they looked like they were in severe pain.  Trainer Mike greeted me and was so kind to introduce me to a few other women to calm my nerves.  They were some of the friendliest women I’ve come across in the workout world.  If you are new to town and looking for some female friends, I think this would be a great place to join especially if you have kids because childcare is included and it’s pretty fancy compared to other places I’ve seen.

The gym is an open space with a padded black “floating” gym floor surrounded by equipment including dumbbells, jump ropes, elastic bands, and some other contraptions that looked like hurdles.  I signed in on their iPad and grabbed a towel because everyone else had one so I knew sweat would happen.  Here we go, Yikes!



Weapons of Fat Destruction


To begin the class, everyone stands in a circle around the perimeter of the floor to warm-up.  The warm-up is killer.  “Do 100 squats in 60 seconds” Mike yells.  Uh, I haven’t done 100 squats in the past 60 months so no.  I don’t see that happening.  We continue to warm-up while he demonstrates each station that we will complete.  Then the large class of all women is divided up into 5 groups.  We head to our stations to begin.

The stations vary day to day, but I will say there’s a lot of jumping involved.  I am not a huge fan of that because of the pee-my-pants factor.  It seemed that most women felt the same way and we used the modify down options.  There were a few hard core athletes that chose to do the modify up options that were more advanced.  Show-offs!  🙂 The majority of the hour at Burn is spent rotating through the stations a few times.  You may also partner up with someone for a few sets which is fun because you encourage each other and high five at the end.  

The energy is high and the music is blasting!  Mike is squatting and planking around the room checking everyone’s form and keeping us motivated.  The cold A/C and Big Ass Fans (I was told that’s the official name) made the workout tolerable.  If I had wanted to escape, it would be very difficult to leave discreetly because the room is open with a glass wall facing the parking lot.  This could be a good or bad thing depending on what you’re looking for in your workout.  I like to have an escape route just in case I am going to pass-out, but I finished the class because I didn’t want to embarrass myself, and, oh yeah, I’m trying to lose weight.  


Focus meeting with Mike


Overall, Burn Boot Camp was a tough, calorie-incinerating workout.  If you are looking for a place to commit to a long-term contract and see TRUE results, this is a great option.  When you sign up, you are measured and weighed.  There are focus meetings with a trainer that you attend before or after class to discuss your progress and results.  This is all included!  The stations change each day so you will not get bored.  They also sell products to assist with losing weight, increasing energy and building muscles.  The monthly payments would motivate me to stick with it too.  


Update:  Right now you can join Burn for 6 weeks at only $99!  This includes childcare and focus meetings.  


-Childcare is included and onsite.  It’s a big playroom too!

-Airconditioned indoor facility

-Personal Focus meetings with the trainer

-14-day free trial

-High energy environment

-Several times offered in AM & PM

-Men can also join for evening hours

-Stations change daily for a good variety of cardio, strength, and endurance

-Motivational, Energetic trainers

-Girl power in full effect

-Join and workout at any Burn location in the country

-Cute shirts



-No sign-in ahead of time means the class can get crowded

-Price is high but they have an amazing deal right now

-No easy escape

-Lots of jumping and bouncing (wear a strong sports bra)


For more info:


Look for them on Groupon too.  There should be one opening in Prosper soon if you live nearby you can go for free.