This week I was frozen.  Literally frozen!  And it felt wonderful.


Cold never bothered me anyway…said me never.

If you are on Groupon, you may have noticed lots of discounts for cryotherapy.  I’ve always been curious about it, and it claims to burn up to 800 calories per session so of course, I’m going to check it out.  There’s a place in Frisco Square called P5 that I will write about later, but Cryo-X is located inside of it.  They had a party one night to introduce themselves and all that they offer.  I grabbed my husband and we were able to try cryotherapy for only $10 each.  Even he couldn’t say no to this deal!

Cryotherapy (or the cryo sauna) is a sleek machine that looks similar to something you would see in a Sci-Fi movie.  You strip down to your underwear and put gloves, socks, and booties on that they provide then get into the machine.  The “therapist” enters the room and turns on the nitrogen which drops the temperature inside the machine to a painful -240 degrees.  Smoke from the nitrogen gas begins to flow over the top of the machine and you feel like you are in a Snoop Dogg video.  


Smile through the pain


My husband was able to handle the cold a lot better than I was and he stayed inside the entire 3 minutes.  We think it’s because of his man body hair.  I told the therapist that my legs were starting to burn and she immediately turned off the nitrogen and cracked the door open to relieve my pain.  I made it 2 ½ minutes.  We didn’t feel any difference right after exiting the machine, but pretty soon muscle soreness started to melt away.  I also slept better than ever that night.


Look at him!  Like it’s no big deal.  Maybe because he is Aaron Rogers twin?

I went back a few weeks later to try it after a Barre 3 class and it was amazing.  This time I did the full 3 minutes of cryo, then did 30 minutes of compression boots.  The boots are frequently used by athletes to reduce recovery time after playing sports.  I felt like less recovery time after a Barre workout would be helpful, and these boots did the trick.  Usually after Barre, I can’t walk straight for a couple of days.  The boots were similar to getting a massage, and I felt no pain after one day!

The third treatment that I highly recommend was localized cryo.  This is sort of like a hair dryer that has nitrogen flowing out of it.  You choose a spot on your body that hurts and the “dryer” hovers over your skin on that spot.  3 minutes is equivalent to wearing an ice pack for 8 – 10 hours.  I have herniated disks in my neck, so I have a permanent knot in my shoulder.  This treatment actually took that knot away and it didn’t hurt at all for a couple of days.  It was pretty amazing!  

If you’re wanting to try cryo, there are tons of discounts on Groupon.  The only restrictions that I know of are that you can’t be pregnant, weigh over 350 lbs., have heart problems or really high blood pressure.  They will have you fill out a form beforehand about your medical history.  If you have chronic pain from muscle soreness or want increased energy, I think it’s a great natural option to try.  


Ok, I’m done.


These are the things it is supposed to do:

-Increase Energy

-Increases metabolism and burns calories

-Great Sleep ( I did notice this one)

-Decreased Pain by helping with inflammation

-Mood booster because of the spike in endorphins

-Improved focus

-Quicker recovery after working out



– It’s Freaking Cold

-Pricing although there are always Groupons and deals