9Round & 30 Minute Hit

9Round Kickboxing

After a steady binge of Netflix shows such as The OA, Criminal Minds, and Stranger Things, I am certain there is a kidnapper lurking out there somewhere waiting to snatch me or my kids up.  I like to think that I am strong enough to fight off an attacker, but in reality I would probably crumble like a cookie if I was attacked.  After working out at 9Round one time though, I felt like defending myself IS possible.  


9Round allows anyone to do one free trial so Cindy & I went in on a Friday morning to kick some butt.  The owner was friendly and taught us the basics of punching and kicking a heavy bag.  He also wrapped our hands to protect our knuckles and let us borrow gloves for free.  We did not feel pressured by him to join while he talked with us.  During the workout, he came around to help us with our form and motivate us to speed it up.  

At 9Round, you can walk in anytime to workout.  There is no set start time which is very convenient.  The 9 Rounds last 30 minutes total which I loved!  Each “round” or station lasts 3 minutes with a 30-second working break in between (think jumping jacks, burpees, running).  You have the station to yourself.  I started at station 1 while Cindy started at station 9 and we rotated from there.  The stations include things like punching a heavy bag, a speed bag and kicking the bags at different angles.  There are also stations for your core like twisting sit-ups and crunches.  It was a total body workout.  





The owner did not pressure us too much at the end while he went over the different ways to join.  The joining fee does include gloves and goes toward your first month’s payment.  The cheapest price is available if you commit to a year.  There is also an option to buy a heart rate monitor to wear during your workout and your stats will show on a screen for all to see.  Overall, this is a very convenient, affordable workout that makes you feel like you could take on Ronda Rousey (especially after her last fight).



-30 minute workout

-No set class times, walk in whenever they are open

-Total body workout

-Anger Management

-Reasonable prices

-Fun and friendly staff

-Feel stronger and more confident


-No child care

-High impact

-No group to keep you accountable (the trainer is the only person you interact with during class)

-Closed on Sundays



This is from November.


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30 Minute Hit

I included these 2 workouts in the same post because they are very similar.  The main difference with 30 Minute Hit is that it’s women only.  Self-defense is more of the focus here, so it helps if you go into class angry with someone.  We started our free trial by signing up online for a 30-minute time slot.  This is the only time you have to reserve a spot.  Just like 9Rounds, you can walk in any time they are open once you join, so you never have to commit to a time.  This is excellent if you are habitually running behind.


Another difference is that there is a spot for children to hang out while you work out.  It is a small corner with some toys gated off similar to a pediatrician’s waiting room.  This is perfect for moms because there isn’t a child care fee and they’re only going to stay there for 30 minutes.  There was also a table for older kids if they wanted to sit and do homework or play on their phones while you show them you ARE capable of unleashing your scary mommy side if they push you to the brink ;).    

The owner of 30 Minute Hit is actually a mom of 5 children and began as a member.  She lost weight and inches quickly with this workout and she was able to stick with it because of the convenient schedule.  She walked around during the 30 minutes to keep everyone on track and make sure our form was correct.  She also gives self-defense advice for each new station.  The last round was the best because that’s when you get to go freestyle and wail on “Bob” the mannequin.  If you are frustrated with someone, this has to be the healthiest way to release all of your pent-up emotions!  Poor ole Bob!


File_000 (8).jpeg

I exist for you to hurt me.



– Convenient Schedule, walk in anytime they are open

– 30 minutes long

– All women 

– De-stress by punching and kicking a heavy bag

– Monthly prices are reasonable

– Learn self-defense

– Feel more confident and strong

– Burns lots of calories

-Child care area available for free


-Start up costs

-Not open on Sundays or Tuesday & Thursday morning

-No female classmate camaraderie except for with the trainer

-High Impact if you have back or joint issues but modifications are available

-Child Care doesn’t mean babysitter, so you may be interrupted because your child can see you working out.



Also from November


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