When Pure Barre had their one year anniversary near my town, they opened classes to the public for FREE the entire day.  All I had to do was sign up for a specific time and show up. First I have to say I want to join for the cute t-shirts alone.  The instructor’s shirt said, “No Pain, No Champagne”  which spoke to me.  My other favorite was “Meet you at the Barre”. Would it be awkward if I just wore the Barre shirts without actually going to a class?  

Ok, I guess it could be a problem so I decided to go through with the class.  Barre is a combination of ballet, yoga and pilates so the studio is much like the ballet studios of my childhood with mirrors surrounding the room and a barre along the walls.  The floor is carpeted at Pure Barre, so it is suggested that you wear sticky socks so that you don’t slip. I wore regular socks and slipping was a bit of a problem. They sell the sticky socks onsite & online, but you can also get them at Walmart for less.  At Barre3, you can go barefooted.

A friendly instructor guided me to the equipment corner where I grabbed a 1 lb. weight, ball, and band.  She said these are used for every class and we set them next to the bar. Her suggestion was to grab the lightest weight since it was my first class, and oh boy I could see why once we got started.  

Barre moves at a quick pace so it is best to know the lingo before attending a class.  Here are the basics:

Tuck – suck in your belly button

Seat – booty

Melt your shoulders – Basically relax and lower the shoulders

Chaos – as in “feel that chaos in your legs”  – it means pain!

Finale – the end of a move where you hold the pose until you want to cry


The goal is for your muscles to work to fatigue so trembling is normal.  However, when I looked down at my legs it was more like an earthquake had hit Texas.  Isolating a muscle for several minutes was near impossible for me, so I had to release several poses and rest.  If you really want to understand how your muscles will feel, stretch your arms out like you’re pretending to be an airplane and hold them there until you go to bed tonight.  Yes, it is that painful!

Although I couldn’t walk up the stairs for a few days, I truly enjoyed the workout.  I went again to try Barre 3 in Frisco Square a few weeks later.  It was very similar and just as painful.  The staff was so friendly and welcoming plus they all had beautiful lean bodies!  It was encouraging to see a pregnant woman and a 60-year-old woman in the same class as me too.  I kept thinking, if they can do this, then I should be able to also.  They were in much better shape than I am, but seeing them made me feel like any workout is possible.

One of the best things about Barre is that it’s low impact and you stretch every few minutes so you really feel amazing afterward.  It’s good for your body and peace of mind.  If you want to try for free, there are always opportunities if you check their Facebook pages.  Frisco is having a free day to kick off Barre3 All In on Saturday, January 7th and Richardson is having a free week January 9 – 14 before they officially open their new studio.  You can also check out sample workouts online at their website.


-Lots of options for class times

-Build long, lean muscles instead of bulking up

-Several ways to pay (Groupons, Drop-in, 10 class pass)

-All women

-Barre 3 has childcare for a small fee

-Upbeat music & instructors

-Cutest clothes

-No running or high impact so less injuries

-Online class subscription offered so very flexible


-Pure Barre does not have child care

-The muscle fatigue is REAL  

-Mirrors everywhere (I probably should have worn make-up)

Calories Burned – 350 in 1 hour

What is the most difficult workout you’ve ever tried?  So far, Barre has been one of the toughest for me.  Comment and let me know what you think.



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I love this idea and can’t wait to follow along! I’ve always loved your adorable sense of humor and it show through in your writing! Happy New Year!


Thanks so much! That is really sweet of you. I am excited about it and it has been so fun to work on. Happy New Year to you too!

Sheri Douglas

I love your blog, Kaci! You look great & Im inspired to try the Barre workout!


Thanks girl! It has been fun. Barre is hard, but I love it because I feel relaxed afterwards. Barre 3 in Frisco Square has free class next Saturday too.

Kay Buchanan

I would love to try this! You look great and are very inspiring!


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