Camp Gladiator

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen at least one friend post a sweaty selfie with #CGStrong, #CGWutWut, #BetterTogether or some variation of that hashtag.  What are they talking about and why on Earth are they posting themselves AFTER the workout?  I would never!  Well, never say never because when my friend Cindy found an online deal to join Camp Gladiator for 1 month at $8, I was ready to hashtag it up.  


#JustfinishedaCGworkout #whitetankandglasses#fakesmile#everythinghurtsandI’mdying


Camp Gladiator is an outdoor boot camp offered in several locations (usually parking lots) and at times ranging from 5 AM to 7 PM.  Each time you show up, you check in online and get points that go towards discounts and freebies.  There’s also bragging rights when you have over like 100 sign-ins.  You will  put a name tag on and the trainer will introduce you to the others.  The class has 5 week cycles, so going the first week of the cycle is optimal for newbies.  Each week gets a little tougher and then on the 5th week they have VIP workouts.

The CG trainer and group are extremely supportive and friendly.  As a new person, I felt comfortable right away.  Since it was the first week of the cycle, we introduced ourselves while doing jumping jacks in a line and giving high fives.  There was a warm-up lap around the parking lot and then we split into 2 groups.  There was a friendly competition where we got into a circle and did a certain exercise while one person ran and moved a cone towards a finish line and the goal was to be the first team to get the cone to the line.  When it was my turn to run for the cone, I was exhausted but my team was doing burpees until I returned so I ran as fast as I could.  The competition made me push myself harder than I ever have before because other people were depending on me.



The workouts change each day and with each trainer.  There is a speaker so music keeps you pumped too.  I went in August so the sun made it 100 times tougher, but at least the trainer provided ice cold clean rags and water.  I was drenched in sweat by the end, but it was fun.  I loved the quick bond I felt with the other women.  The trainer will text you to keep you motivated, but it’s not overbearing.  I loved it so much I even wound up getting in the group photo a few times after the class.  The only negative that keeps me from joining this group is that it is outside, and I am kind of a wimp about the weather.  Overall, Camp Gladiator is an excellent option for all women!


Tip: Hide in the back row if you don’t want to be in the pic.



  • Teamwork & friendly competition made me push myself harder than other workouts
  • Convenient times and locations
  • Once you sign up, you can work out at any location
  • Kids are welcome at no additional charge
  • Going Bold means signing a 6 month @$79 or 12-month @$69 contract paid per month
  • Accountability through Facebook posts and texts from your trainer


  • Outside and they DO NOT cancel for weather
  • Lots of running although they do have modifications if you can’t run
  • BYO mat, weights, water, towels
  • Pictures of you will show up on Facebook from after your workout

More info at


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Kay Buchanan

This one sounds awesome too! I especially like the price! Thanks for all of the work you’re doing to find these!


Thanks Kay! I really liked CG and it’s affordable.


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