Sampling My Way to Skinny

I am a quitter. When it comes to working out, I usually make it through one month and I’m over it.  Blame it on my ADD or my family’s busy schedule, but whatever the reason I always give up.  I enjoy working out, but I’m certainly not a health nut and I have a secret stash of peanut butter cups in my closet to prove it.  However I am on my way to 40, so my body is telling me I have no choice but to work out.

Along with my work-out dilemma, I am notorious for being cheap.  As my son once said, “If you had a coupon for poop, you’d buy it.”  Well, I am unashamed of my frugalness and love for freebies.  My husband is somewhat embarrassed by it and says people will think we’re struggling.  I explain that even if I had millions in the bank I would still shop at Walmart and price match on top of it.  It’s not about how much money I have; instead it is about the thrill of snagging a good deal. I mean, why waste money if it’s not necessary?

Luckily I have a friend who feels the same way.  Cindy is actually a lot better than me at finding deals and discounts.  We also feel the same about working out.  We aren’t training for a weight lifting competition or a marathon, but we do want to look fit and feel great.

I decided to combine my boredom with exercising, my bargain hunting skills, and my love for writing to create this blog.  I’ve challenged myself to try a different workout or weight loss system each week for an entire year.  I’m free-sampling my way to skinny.  If you have ever wanted to try a new workout or way to lose weight, but were too nervous to walk through those gym doors, let me try it first. I may humiliate myself, but at least it won’t cost me a thing.